Philadelphia, Pa
Wheeler St.
United States
34° 49' 41.4192" N, 87° 17' 39.8832" W

The hardest thing I've ever done is keep my smile

It's hard to keep a smile when  you're eight years old

In your uncle's projects apartment

And the Philadelphia Police Department comes barging

Through his door , slice open the couch and its filled with coke

It's hard to keep a smile when you're 12 years old

And see your best friend get his brains blown out in front of you're eyes

Because his older brother stole some of his rival's lives

Stole another young soul

lt's hard to keep a smile when you're 15 years old and fall in love

With a young South Philly girl with thick thighs, hazel eyes, and a big butt

And 3 months later , you go to her crib and get robbed by her cousins

All because you were trying to get a nut in 

It's hard to keep a smile when you're 2 months shy of becoming 18

No jobs will hire you 

You doubt you're chances of getting into college

You're brain is so overworked it has grown a callous

You strive and desire to...

Just Keep your smile






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