People Think


People think her cold
People think her bitter
People think her strange
People think her just like them
People think her cruel
People think her evil
People think they know her
People think they understand.
People think they have been in her shoes
People think they know her shadows
People think they can save her
People have never been so wrong. 
She isn't cold, she is the warmest star someone can touch. 
She isn't bitter, just cautious. 
She isn't strange, she is just different. 
She isn't like them she is so much more than they see in her. 
She isn't cruel or evil, she is kind and giving she just doesn't have much left of herself to hand out.
They don't know me and they don't understand. 
she is just the skin I wear.
They haven't walked in my shoes or fought with my demons. 
If they had I wouldn't have needed to create her. 
They can't save me because I don't need to be saved. 


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