Society's Door

Wed, 10/01/2014 - 09:22 -- kac918

The face in the mirror

The face in my mind

The face they all see

and the face that I hide

none of them real

but none of them fake


Society is the door

and I should be the window


I should let the world see in

See the funiture

See the life stye

see who I am

I should let them see in


Society though,

Says to let people in

Get the house clean

nothing out of place

let them in

let them move things around

let them change you

listen to what they say

change for their comfort

be perfect

hide all your flaws


Be fake



So I hide behind that door

I keep all that I am

Hdden from the world

I've closed the blinds

I've locked myself away

People can see the house

They see who I bring to the yard

They can see who I let out

But I hide in my house

I hide within myself

I hide to be accepted

I hide to be liked

 I hide


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