This Face

This face is not merely cheek bones, and a pretty smile

This face holds a mind whose knowledge runs for miles

This face is much more than the impressions of time

This face holds the eyes that have witnessed the climb

This face was once the small innocent glow of youth

but through time and heartache soon only knew

what could only be described as the naked truth

  a poison so deadly, survivors are few

This face was not born to be a mask

but has been painted with war, been painted with wrath

This face has been washed, but never truely clean

of the jealousy, and cruelty of other human beings

This face has been tried and been tested

but through will and faith passed each lesson

This face has realised its power

conquered its fear and shall not cower

This face has learned where it stands

It shall not break for mere man

This face is strong and hides from none

because even with darkness, there is the sun


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