I Can Play Pretend

I can play pretend.

I do it every day.

I've gotten so good,

Sometimes I forget it's a game.

I slap on a smile, 

The one on my mask.

And no one thinks twice,

No one bothers to ask.

It's fun to play pretend,

To dress up like someone else. 

To lie about yourself.

But in the end that's all it ever is.

Just a lost little girl

Stuck playing pretend. 


Cause when the clock strikes twelve, 

And the magic wears off.

Everyone will see what was underneath.

No more masks to hide behind.

No more smiles to cover the pain.

And they will all act suprised.

But deep down they knew,

That eveyone lies.

And they should have seen it coming.

But they can play pretend too.

They do it everyday.

So they know how to play along.

To put on their own masks,

And pretend that nothing is wrong.

But in the end that's all it ever is.

Just a lost little world,

Stuck playing pretend.


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