The Type of Woman


I’m the type of woman
Who wants to be loved
Yet, turns away the friend
Who would surrender everything.
I’m the type of woman 
Who glares at the scandalous, 
Exposed skin of other women,
Yet, inches down the cleavage to
Catch eyes like flies.
Chasing men, and 
Yielding to boys
Accepting attention like
Presenting my body
Like a precious gift
They need to earn,
But ultimately never keep.
I’m the type of woman
Who abhors adultery
Yet, the next attractive man
Becomes a challenge
A night with no questions
Or borders
In the morning,
Lipstick stains and
Wedding rings.
I’m the type of woman
Who calls myself pure
Yet, taints that purity with lies,
Stupidity, and the 
Shaky hands of little boys.
I’m the type of woman
Who preaches no judgment
Yet, scrolls her eyes from head 
To toe
In critique
I’m the type of woman
Who strives for individuality
Yet, has become a representation
Of everyone else
A woman who is lost
Afraid, in need of guidance
Maybe love
Just looking to be her own
Type of woman. 


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