My Lack of Dad By: Justin


Morehouse College
830 Westview DR
United States
39° 6' 49.392" N, 94° 39' 37.9404" W

A child hides behind his mother’s strength,

It seems his fear has grown to impossible lengths. 

Day after day, the strangers keep passing,

None of their faces or even memories lasting.

He looks his father straight in the eyes,

All he sees are deceitful lies and late night cries.

What makes this man different from the rest?

Nothing, he’s another stranger passing, just like the next.

The promises he made but did not keep,

burned a hole in the boy’s heart that’s infinitely deep.

He doesn’t know I was that little boy.

He played with my heart like a brand new toy.

It makes me sad, not for me but for him.

I will go on, and I will continue to live,

The family that I have shaped me into a man.

In the creation of this man, Dad had no hand.


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