Always Keep this in Mind


I've learned to see my vices as my virtues.

It prevents me from conforming to living the status quo.

 My brutal honesty is not liked by many,

Then again If I had a fake personality it wouldn't be welcomed with open arms either.

Some traits and some thoughts are in my opinion, meant to be shown to the rest of the world,

Others are nothing but props that aren't really required in front of a certain audience

And should just be left behind the curtain.

We all have something that is better off left behind the curtain for our own sake.

But never leave your talents or your virtues behind.

We all should be proud of things we have a gift for.

Exploit your talents to reach your potential.

I've exposed my vices and vulnerabilities through a published anthology, to an audience of  

complete strangers.

I not only pulled back the curtain, 

I dropped it.


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