Behind My Curtain


What's behind your curtain?

Well, behind my curtain, I cry in vain.


I wonder if I'm disappointed in my life?

No, I'm disappointed in the people around me.


Not my mother or father,

but towards those who call them my siblings.


None of them to which would ever help my mom.

I can hear her crying now.


Wondering why she brought them to the World,

When no one would lend a hand to help.


Here I am, trying to help.

She can only remember those who made her cry.


Behind my curtain,

I hide the fact that I see my mother suffer.


Behind my curtain,

I hide the fact that I am angry


Behind my curtain,

I hide my pain


Behind my curtain

I wish for my mother to live in happiness.


But in front of my curtain,

I am happy and joyful.


For I don't want other to say that

"I am Miserable."


Behind my curtain,

I am trying to help my mother.


Behind my curtain,

Only no one would ever know


Behind my curtain,

I will always fight for my mother.


And so, forever in front of my curtain,

Only will I smile. 


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