The Me Inside of Me


I've been surving for seventeen years

Painting a picture that's tattered and smeared.

Presenting the image the world wants to see

But not showing them the person who's me.

I plaster a smile onto my face 

The self that's inside me, I lock up in chains.

I try to be pretty, to put on a show

The girl locked inside me nobody knows

I strive for perfection and hide my true self

I feel like a doll that was left on a shelf.

I'm afraid that by showing the world what's inside,

The lies that I've told will make everyone hide.

The girl who I've locked in the corners of me

Is dying so slowing because I won't let her breathe.

I can't let her out she's been locked up too long

So instead I must act like nothing is wrong.

I've been surviving for seventeen years

Hiding myself from the world due to fear.




I can relate to this poem so much! Thank you for writing this :)

Julia Kimberlynn

It makes me happy to know you like it :)


Wow. Speechless! This is beautiful.

Julia Kimberlynn

Thank you that means a lot :)

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