The Longing

Gaze into my stormy, cloudy eyes
And you will see that I am crying
The tears of loss
Sitting behind the curtain of lashes
Trapped behind a perfect facade
Of happy smiles
You will swim in blue tales of woe
While cascading through red hot anger
Then you will look away and
Touch the tip of my feelings of unhappiness
Regret for what was torn away from my side
What once was mine
My safe place full of adventure and romance
Gone in an instance of necessity
Taken from my unwilling grip
Playing my soul to help me get back what I
We have almost triumphed through the trial
The ending is in sight of our yearning eyes
Utopia flourishing
The season progresses into nostalgic fall
Marking the passing of another summer
That progressed
With the help of careful nurturing and
Dynamics of harmony that no one will
Hear the music cascading through your senses
A hopeful refuge from the darkness in my heart
Crashing down the barricades
Overriding the tale etched in my soul
Giving me tales of peace and quiet times
Maybe the song of the ages will help me to
Gaze into my hopeful, sunny eyes
And you will see that they are laughing
The euphoria of finding
What was lost in the sad months
Bursting from my mouth
Peals of laughter rebound
You will glide through tales of hope
While drifting through yellow contentment
Then you will look away and


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