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Some days I wonder what my life would be like  If I opened the door here  And closed another there   Some days I wonder how the match didn't strike Yet if I wonder enough Can I see a new me?
Roses are black the sky is grey The crow is a demon i feel it coming after me i walk to the river and the water was black  the fishes are dead turned upside down just like my life
As you lift me on your wings And away from my home I realize my body is not all I will leave I will leave the job of my mother’s dreams
my name is yoko because my mom said she talked to a fortune teller i imagine the teller hunchbacked old and ears like elves but eyes warmed like melted chocolate
Hungarian Az egyszerű dolgok a legtöbbet jelentenek. Felébredni a reggeli illatára Emlékezni megvajazni a pirítósod Bókolni, szép nyaklánc Megmosni az autód amikor undi  
In the blink of an eye a lifetime can pass In the blink of an eye families shatter like glass In the blink of an eye we make decisions that last In the blink of an eye we can get destroyed by our past
Wrapped inside a dream, Where no one can hear the screams, The screams of the world that are not what they seem, They seem to be smiles and unbreakable esteem, But their truth, like I, are trapped in this dream.
My personality is Beyond my years or maybe it's the trend set before me Remember when we were kids and everyone was our friend?
We wear pants. Pants are good. Pants are fun. With liberty and justice for all.
Life is full of unexpected surprises; You could lose everything in a flash, From people you love to little prizes, Thrown in the wind like trash.
Time so short and life so fast, Begging to make a moment last. 
Can we enter 2015 with no filter? With so many filters and mask, I sometimes hate to ask what's real or what's fake. What would it take?
Look at her, standing aloneHer breath steaming in the cold air,her lips iced over, her cheeks blushingIt is cold, but with her I feel a warmth,I see it in her eyes,I see a fire, a light
I feel like the decades have hitten a rough path.  Seeing people my age or even younger, acting like maniacs.  YOLO, has made things worse.  Really? You didn't know you only live once?
  I am tired of this façade Men shouldn't have to treat the opposite sex with disrespect in order to retain their masculinity.  Girls shouldn't feel the need to starve themselves for beauty and serenity.
I struggle with two
Coming at u like a vulture By. NSKHaha------ im backAnd im black get use to it if I had a school I would teach knowledge cuz these niggas ain't use to it...Promoting all this drama like college was only for Obama...
Move on altogether  But don't forget the small ones Who loved you forever
Time the biggest enemy of mine You can never find enough Always looking to rewind Well that's tough
Yeah you only live once That's why you got to live smart trying to get ahead in life can't be making shots in the dark But hear me clearly cant get nowhere if you don't try
We demand.We expect. We desire. We want to strive. We want to live. We abuse. We forget. We ignore. Many suffer for us. We tend to forget them. We need to stop. We need to help.
A society that tells the younger generation YOLO Live for today, dont worry about tomorrow YOLO Live on the Edge YOLO But WE are not called to live for OURSELVES YOLO
What happened to having fun while having a little class? What happened to those fairytale lifestyles where nothing mattered as long as you were enjoying life?
Self conscious, insecure, the feeling of “I can’t do this anymore”This was the girl I used to me.This girl that I was choosing to be.I try not to be that girl anymore
Woe is me, woe is me. I've stumbled upon a light. A light that shines bright. A light that no one else can see. A light that cativated me on site. Woe is me, woe is me. This light has seen black.
What if. What if I'm not just the tight kink of a curl. What if I'm not just soft brown blends that make the hue of my skin.
Do I have to bang my head against a wall to drive away everyone? How about I runaway with the care free air of an adventurer.
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One person. If my words can touch one person, Then it will be worth it. That's what they say. But what if I never know.. What if I never see.. What if I never hear.. How my words,
This is the name you were born with,
They say you never hear "YOLO" And classy in the same sentence. "They are total opposites... right?" But I disagree. The word "YOLO" may not seem "classy" But I think it depends on the person.
Future Starts Beating Fast
To love and to be loved are two different things; especially to a girl. In order for a girl to love, she needs to be loved. On the other hand, in order for a man to love,
Transcript......Check Letters of Recommendation.....Check Application.....Check Finances.....Check Acceptance.....Check Happiness.....Pending
We graduatin’ now, everybody wants a photo You only live once, that’s the motto brother - YOLO So welcome to the families, uncles, aunts, grandparents Welcome also to the normal people – the Arkansan residents
Sitting on the warm hard tiles engulfed with water and soap Pondering about life and all of its hope The water stops and the door swings open Only to reveal a provoking commotion
I Praise with my hands folded                 And my knees bended. I’ll Praise standing and seated,                 Wherever I might be. Praising with a trail in front of me
To my future daughter You will know that you are a queen from the moment you are concieved till you rest your head against the silk linen of your eternal crib
  Love is a thing unseen.
empty, filled. Empty; Filled. Empty.
I yearn to learn what I do not live, knowing it will never all be known.  I flee to see what I have not, knowing it will never all be seen.  I keel to feel what experience brings; knowing it will never all be felt.
Live on your knees or die on your feet; Abandon your liver or devour your lungs. Love none and have none to love back so will you Die on your knees or live on your feet?
Like the Phoenix I will rise And through the darkness The sun will shine   My worried thoughts Keep me up at night Until he is caught No one is safe  
Whats the point of life? Is it to grow old trying to find a wife? I need a map One that has all the dirrections and doest revolve around like a lap Im running, not ready to stop, going circular like a mop
You only live once, that's the saying right? Living in fear of death, it's hard to see the light. Step forward and embrace it now, I know you can. Living life to the fullest, take a stand.
Life is a scary placeWith a costant faceDreaming hard playing hardFinding the unknown traceBut down you stumbleCausing earth to rumbleLosing every breath
Radiant skin, face so smooth Pride in her walk, swag in her groove Who’s that lady? That makes hearts flutter Can’t speak her name Without a stutter Her brown sugar eyes They have a surprise
The sun rises, I wake up, the dread sets in. The voices swirl, I push them down deeper, deeper, til they are just a wind blowing back my hair that everyone tells me is so beautiful.
YOLO means you only live once, a phrase from Drake which is just brillance. It's catchy, but just a bit of annoyance- But, I do agree that YOLO
I hear a faint dissonance travel You again, in homely tears  I am the wet nurse at your disposal;  So, let me be drained by the frenzy of desperation . . . .   Crusade along the barren land,
The glass spreads in my sight, shimmering. It’s so smooth and still I can see my face. And so I sit on the banks of the stagnant world below me and close my eyes. I listen to the
What is very important:People are very importantWhat people feel is very importantWhat people love is very importantHow I love people is very importantHow people see things is very important.
Once they said I couldn't do it I believed They said I was a mistake and I wouldn't achieve   Are you serious? Why shouldn't I believe Haha listen I will never back down
I am a quiet storm
We get punished for not meeting your expectations  Of getting the grades and acing our examinations With disappointment slapped across your faces The feeling of shame has become our number one basis  
What will people think about you when you die? What did you contribute  Besides snarky comments and online sighs?   You were so tough on facebook Your comments on instagram really stung
YOWZA came a shout deposited and extracted from her fragile lungs One life to live so live it up! Exclaiming every last word Filling strangers with smiles and hearts warming  
It comes knocking Every time is something or someone new who wants to come in left to right Day by Day we are given these opportunities Some come in disguises hiding what really lies underneath
What does a bird wish for? Does it want to swim or would it rather appreciate mighty wings Would the king of the jungle want the knowledge of being technical Or a shark being able to hunt below and above the sea
Delicate snowflakes, decorate her flowing hair, Winter has arrived.
With wings of ash darkness hides me Shadows glisten on my feathers Burroughs, dusk, and no where near dawn Creatures scrambling to find shelter fromthose that wait and watch for the next victim
It starts with a seed; manifested and festering in the dark cold arms
Infantry of a corner clique's imagery Imitates actual industry. Instead it’s often in-the-street, Marketing products with a PRE- Caution, 'cause cops will cripple thee Business. They call it criminally
Roses Are Red  Violets Are Blue Give Me The Scholarship  Or I'll Sue You
People stare at me Whenever I say YOLO But what they don't get Is what I truly mean   You see, I am an Atheist (Please don't come hating) But the reason I say YOLO
You only write once, so make it count. Don't write about stuff that doesn't make sense- potato, hibiscus, puppies, gold. Don't write about embarassing times- I hit my foot on the chair in front of my crush.
YOLO The words of the naive The words of the reprieve YOLO The words of the hurt, the sick, the blind, the dead. What we want to say, before there are no words left to speak. YOLO
Growing up the saying "you only live once" meant to take life seriously. It meant that we needed to make the most of this life, Do things that will make us happy. And feel accomplished so that we can leave a legacy behind.
Its all about the yolo the've forgtten about all the big No no its gotten so outa of hand they all joined the new band i can barley stand being inside these walls they crowd out all the room
Life is a wonderful gift from God However, it is not always pleasent  Hollywood has brain washed us in thinking there is a"perfect body" if we dont, then we look  ugly   People pointing people laughing
I am just a little girl, A tiny little thing. I've got a scary monster, Hidden within. The monsters came out, From under my bed, And those monsters crawled out And into my head.
You only live once, That's the motto we hear. But we use that as an excuse, To party and drink beer.   You plunge your needles into your veins, You roll your dope and snort your coke.
The rising of anxiety, is riding me, so privately and I can't seem to find my needs, so I just sit here silently, No sense of propiety, eats my soul so violently, I'm hiding from society, I'm fighting myself mindlessly, My mind blocks signs of pie
  In the freezing cold winter day, There's limited time for us to play. Today's the day, we win our cup, We'll scream and shout, and raise it up.   We are free to play and free to skate.
I am a rat. Not the mischievous, dirty creature that makes people shriek in horror when they come across one.
I didn't ask for them They didn't ask for me I yell at them They yell at me I don't always like them They don't always like me Sometime we argue Sometimes I win Sometimes I don't
  The planting of a blossom On desert’s sand does bloom After rain’s sparse fall And the sun’s scorching rays But the worth of this is small Compared to other things  
Smile, you're beautiful. There's so much out there to see. Keep your head up; smile 
The mornings are brisk, Cool air blows across campus, Leaves float past my feet.
The mornings are brisk, Cool air blows across campus, Leaves float past my feet.
Sober Thoughts,You're just wasting my time.Grab the bottle,It was in the back of your mind.In the darkened place,Where I always hide.Drown it out,A waveless tide.
I am not Perfect  I know for sure. I have my defects as well as yours ,  I may laugh too much or cry a lot.    I can be mean, and times do come. I get annoying 
I'm on this path to my pursuit of happiness trying to get back to that place where a smile wasn't rare remembering my days as a child a time of pure carefree bliss death was just a word
Let me be me I am just a girl let me be me  one day I wanna rule the world  My parents never get me; it seems I am never heard let me be me  I always scream and say 
       Hold my little hand Wonder as you stand Watch her as she grows
crumbling inward, like the guilt eroding my body, it dies. darkening,  becoming weaker, my body thins out. all hope is gone. this is the end. light, dulling slowly.
What if i told you that every night i cry Praying that the lasting tears falling from my eyes would soon dry Listening, and accepting lie after lie of the stories you told me
Trying to make yourself feel inferior  thinking you’re  some kind of  Hero                                                                                Talking about the way I dress  when you look a mess!  
I watch from the shadowsas you engulf her in your love-Your hands creeping up her sides,over her back and faceYour lips sharing words, feelings,affections, through hers I’m crushed
Silent, still, just like a rose her beauty in repose. Who would know? Is it those, that mock her? Or even those that pull her thorns? My, have you earned her scorn. Pity, she will never love you.
I'm not asking much but relief to those  who need it and such what I want  is world peace and for all the wars to cease I want everyone  to have rights  without erupting
  I have a dream, Similar to Martin Luther King, I want us all to succeed. The words, "We have finally made it" to be uttered through our hearts, Shared by Our differences,
What is college Why should you go Is it pointless What does it show Getting a higher education Staying in school Focusing on your career What could you lose Just your time
Home is my burning desire. My soul has been set on fire. Feelings of lost hope. I am on a downward slope. Dreams crushed as no tomorrow, With none left to share or borrow. Aromas of the unknown,
I'm on a thin sheet of ice. Either way I step I will have to pay the price. Contradicting ideas toy with my heart and mind, Ideas where not even sanity can unbind. Unbind my confusion of what to do
Embrace the fall, it won't last foreverDance in the colors, while life allows you to be together.Grab fast at an opportunity, there's so many around Too many to take your days for granted
I will not make the same mistakes I haveLiving day by day with that in mindAnd so it has brought upon me that life is goodLiving with no sins each day is fineI will soon meet God when my time is to come
I would give you the moon on a spoon. The ocean in an oyster, the galaxy in a nutshell. Then let the stars align in the cracks of its openings. and let it seep through your melanon, touch deeply into the
"That's my child!" She's yelling at me as if i don't know how he got into this world. I'm not dumb. I'm just a kid, and your yelling  won't make me grow up any faster. I'm actually afraid
I am in this world deformed,Rendered useless by some,But unbeknownst to them, There's a world that will accept me.It comes through the TV screen,in the form of kingdoms, mazes, and caverns.I can take to the skies, swing a sword at those who questi
Oh. Thick girls? They are better than Big girls. Big girls are like big.  Thick Girls are just better Said everyone.  Big girl  Big girl No loves you they said, lose weight they tell me
Brainwash the children of the nation with songs by Drake  omg becky look at her butt you only live once dripping with misogyny  stupid sayings  strangle our minds into believing
Why.. why do we live in world full of challenges? Waking up in the morning is a struggle. If only I lived in the world of Harry Potter so I wouldn't be a muggle. The hustle of getting ready and eating breakfast  oh..
Reality is distant as a dream/Images become harder to procure/Shattering reailty at the seams./When the old ones continue to endure,/Seeing the shadow of a missed smile,/Wishful thinking wasted on times long gone,/Easily lost like sun on a dial/Li
  To wait a second is a crime For in the big scheme of things Seconds add up to make a lifetime So don’t be convicted of wasting a day
Teachers yell and scream students trying the chase their dreams noone by their side kids asking why   Teachers don't undestand why no work is getting done all you hear is blame  
Today I'm making a path of my ownTo show the world that I have grownIn confidence and strength I walkThis growing path, nothing will blockI'll make a difference, I'll make a change
I come from a generation where handouts rarely exists where you gotta get it by any means necessary.Where people rather hate on your accomplishments than linking up with you and making there own .Where it's easy to sit on ya butt and complain rath
Us We ask it for a cause we don't always understand mostly replied by a shaking head or a troubled sigh “Maybe later, the economy is tough, times are rough, I already give enough.”
circle of two hands  and one hastier than the rest;  in whatever shape or form  it always conforms  back to midnight from noon  and it’s too soon  to determine the monsoons 
Stress Stress A manifestation of the unnerving   Stress The tickle at your side that you wish didn’t hurt
(While we're talking, envious time is fleeing: pluck the day, put no trust in the future) Live life to the fullest. We were born to die,
They say you only live once, but I don’t believe it I get plenty of opportunities to live, to use my mind, to follow my heart, and make you feel my words You only live once, but I’d rather not waste away and drink all day
Shall I be your humble servant? And you, my darling queen?
YOLO, you only live once. Is once enough? Call to your brothers and tell them to continue. continues with their lives, good decisions, dedication- to life.
     Each day that passes, each hour, every minute of every day, time slips away. However, most of us claim to have plenty of it.
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