Electric Lady

Radiant skin, face so smooth

Pride in her walk, swag in her groove

Who’s that lady?

That makes hearts flutter

Can’t speak her name

Without a stutter

Her brown sugar eyes

They have a surprise

Behold the key to the mind

And the password to the thighs

Quite thrilling she is

As bold as can be

But confident in a way

That makes the stars envy

Beautiful but intelligent

And knowledge is power

The sweetest thing you ever knew

But test her patience and she could be sour

Wild as a lioness in heat

More rhythmic than a heartbeat

Who's that woman?

That nothing can compare

Walking through this world so carelessly free

So intensifying like the sting of a bee

One might say she's  an Electric Lady

But there's more to her story

See, just like you and me

She's a Beautiful Queen

If you treat her right

Her love can be electrifying.







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