No One Will Understand



I have a dream,

Similar to Martin Luther King,

I want us all to succeed.

The words, "We have finally made it" to be uttered through our hearts,

Shared by

Our differences,

Our struggles,

Our tears.

Because all those years we had thought

No one will ever understand

Were lies told by our heads.

When all we ever wanted to do was sleep,

Sheep by counting sheep,

Years by countless years,

Hoping our souls would wake us up,

When our hearts were too weak to beat.

When 4am finally came,

And tears fell down our faces,

Screaming to be noticed,

When the only sound we could make was silence.

When deadlines were due,

And GPAs were calculated,

Grades were compared,

Jokingly saying, At least I didn't fail,

Our worlds erupting the moment we entered our homes.

The pressure of our lives falling upon us

book by book,

test by test,

grade by grade.

No one will understand,

Just a lie told by our heads.

But when we realize

That there is more to this life than




Will our masks finally come off,

And we will become the graduating class of "Success",

Sharing our lives through our chests,

While wings sprout from our backs,

As we fly off,

Separated by distance

But bounded by heart,

Yelling, "This is only just the start!"


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