#YOWO and yes, #YOLO (read on, it'll make sense)

People stare at me

Whenever I say YOLO

But what they don't get

Is what I truly mean


You see, I am an Atheist

(Please don't come hating)

But the reason I say YOLO

Is because I truly believe

You Only Live Once


I don't mean this in the sense

That you should go screw everything up!

It doesn't mean sex, drugs, alchohol...

It means you have one chance.

One life.

Live wisely.

Live life your way.


It means leave a legacy,

and don't follow society.

Be your own person,

create your own life.


There is no fate,

no destiny.

No god, no heaven, no hell. 

It's all you.

Only you.



Live Life.

And Do It Right.


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