Ice Cold Time Melting Away



In the freezing cold winter day,

There's limited time for us to play.

Today's the day, we win our cup,

We'll scream and shout, and raise it up.


We are free to play and free to skate.

We love to play and we're never late.

The time flies when we're having fun,

And we don't even know what speeds up the rotation of the sun.


We're growing up so fast,

And need to live each day, for it could be our last.

We need to love all family, and each friend,

Because it soon could be, the very end.


We are the Kings of the Jungle.

We are rulers, and we never bungle.

It's time to go out and win.

We have no more time to waste; we need to bring that trophy in.


We have to taste that blood, sweat and tears.

We need to fight and feel no fears.

Our joints won’t stop, until we feel a big painful pop,

But no matter what, we will always come out on top!


By: Ronald Leeder Jr.


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