Confused and Grateful

Some days I wonder what my life would be like 

If I opened the door here 

And closed another there


Some days I wonder how the match didn't strike

Yet if I wonder enough

Can I see a new me?

Can I expect any more from this small giving tree?


Some days I wonder at my blessings

Some days I wish to give some away, just to help another's heart

To heal just one in seven billion

of a true broken social art

This poem is about: 
Our world



Most of my poems that I upload are old and things i'm finally feeling comfortable enough to share, I wrote this in a rush on my snapchat and saved it in there a year ago today. I didn't love it then but I didn't want to change it before uploading it because it was actually so real an raw and I like that it sounds confused yet like I know what i'm talking about. Mostly because i feel like that's what we spend most of our lives doing- half knowing what's going on. Anyway I hope some of my poetry touches at least one person- or maybe inspires you to write. I'm not some amazing poet- but I do it because it helps me sort my thoughts.

All My Love,


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