Time Will Tell

Thu, 12/27/2012 - 23:18 -- Lady C.

     Each day that passes, each hour, every minute of every day, time slips away. However, most of us claim to have plenty of it.

     But with each passing day, every minute, every second dwindling down, you waste the valuable time you have. Going to work, staying busy, studying, eating, exercising. While all of that is good, the point you still miss. Just as the innkeepers had no room and no time to deal with the coming of Christ, we, as they did, push him aside toward the back of our minds; we'll have "time" to deal with him later.

     But the time is at hand now; what will you do with the time in your hands? Spend it on drugs, sex, partying, and drinking? Why worry about your Facebook likes and twitter follows when Jesus wants to be your friend? We'll follow the yellow brick road to mediocre things that will only continue to distract you from the cracks, bumps, twists and turns of this broad road you travel. Passing signs you ignore, warning you of your imminent destruction. 

     But, wait, I forgot, you have plenty of time...to spend in eternity. You only live once, right? So, you should do what you can, while you can. This statement is so far from the truth, the father of lies told this to you. Every person who ever lived, died, but something miraculous happened. Their life began again. Not here on earth, that phase was over. Eternity awaited them. Some, with impending doom, others with glorious delight. All will live forever, only some in paradise.

     So, while you roll the dice betting, your life you will lose, for Jesus's love and salvation you did not choose. Yes, you are so young and you want to live life to the fullest, but as you have seen, age means nothing to Satan. You can be as innocent as a mouse; so was that other kid, shot down in cold blood. He had done nothing wrong, he was only walking home.

     Look at the examples all around you, kids as young as five, have gone to meet him. They had a long life ahead of them, big dreams, Christmas wishes. What did you wish for?

How long was your Christmas list; did you realize that your gift had already come?

     He brought you life, he brought love, he brought joy to the world. Just as they forgot about him, left him in the cold, you have done the same. Saying the last days will last long enough for me. But the last of time has come and soon it will be gone. Some of us will be left looking sad and some of us will have gone home.

     So, while you can't turn back the hands of time, you can make something of the time you have. Receive the best gift that has already been bought for you and use it wisely. Don't take it for granted and or throw it away after a while. Treasure this with your life, for it is your life and only time will tell what you've done with it.


Lady C.

This is a poem I wrote for a benefit concert that my best friend is hosting. He is the founder of his own Performing Arts Company and is raising funds for this company through this event. The poem is inspired by the events of the current age and of the times to come. It is also inspired by the theme of the concert....I think that poem can be really flexible and can be a poem or a spoken word piece. I hope that this poem can inspire, encourage, and motivate any person who comes across it. Thanks and God bless!

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