My Motive

Look at her, standing alone
Her breath steaming in the cold air,
her lips iced over, her cheeks blushing

It is cold, but with her I feel a warmth,
I see it in her eyes,
I see a fire, a light

If she could hear what my heart was saying
If she could feel my pulse
What would she think?


My heart beats for you, my love,
Though you don't know me, yet,
The cold space between us will be no more.


She turns and leaves, 
I see her grab the cold hand of another,
Her hand is warming inside of his touch


I told myself I would never intrude,
but you, with your golden hair shining through the snow,
You, my dear, are worth it.


I call out to her by name,
She is confused, 
But I approach her anyway

I hold out my hand, shaking, ice cold,
She looks to me and I feel her melt
Slowly, her fingers meet mine.

Fire emerges from inside,
I feel it in her fingertips,
She feel it in mine

It is as if we were perfectly content,
Standing in a warm room,
By a fireplace.

Her eyes glow through the frost in the air,
and mine do the same,
I knew there was still fire left inside of me.

You have brought it out,
You have made me love again,
You, dear, are my motive. 



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