YOWZA came a shout deposited and extracted from her fragile lungs

One life to live so live it up!

Exclaiming every last word

Filling strangers with smiles and hearts warming


But the diagnosis brought us to a standstill

She was never the same

Sadness enveloped her entirity 


The family ceased to have dry eyes

And mine only heard lies


Just one last moment to see her

They held me back 


She doesn't have long

Was expelled out of my mouth

Tears rushing down my face


The next few minutes were a race

Through the slush that rained from the sky

Family chasing after in the warmth of our car

A few more blocks and it might all end


Rushing up her stairs 

Already feeling the dread set in


She's gone already they say

One last second to hold her in my arms

Please I begged if I may

The innocence of her face was all that was left


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