I Am A Quiet Storm

I am a quiet storm

Loving like a crashing stream boat

I let my reckage be reckless

And the repercussions last long

Never let them forget me

How my rain caressed the pits of their souls

Filled the wells of their hearts

How my clouds hid their broken places

Too fragile for the sun to see

Winds sweeping them off their feet

Whispering their deepest desires

With every blow and moan

Letting thunder remind them of the light  

That’s soon to come


Yet beautiful

Sometimes my beauty can take lives

There’s peace in my center

In the eye of me

You can rest

Just look at the sky and watch me happen

From my quiet place

I will rest for you

There we can calm together


I am a quiet storm

Loving like a crashing steam boat

I will love you into shipwreck

And cry when the repercussions end


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