The Gift

Wed, 12/11/2013 - 16:13 -- ncherry


What does a bird wish for?

Does it want to swim or would it rather appreciate mighty wings

Would the king of the jungle want the knowledge of being technical

Or a shark being able to hunt below and above the sea

The niche in all creatures is unique and deserves respect

Could you lift 5 times your weight like the ant

Or dedicate your entire life to find another like a sparrow

Without the bee, would tea and bisquits be as soothing and taste as sweet

If we had no beavers, wouldnt we all be sea creature by now

Nature is always at work, even with its eyes closed

Each living being playing a part of something greater

Like the spider that creates beautiful masterpieces to catch the flies that carry harmful bacteria

Constant rotation: Day and Night; Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall

Souls depart the bodies while babies are gifts in disguise from the spirit that never dies

Life is but a Dream



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