My Warring Desires


I struggle with two of

which my heart desires.

They war within me with 

such passion and fire.


One intrigues me with

its ways of thinking,

it has such wonderful

dreams for me.


The other beckons me,

whispering softly in my ear:

"Chase the wind while young

before the grave is what you fear."


I am so ready to fly from my nest

Ready to discover the world.

Can anyone truly blame me?

After all I'm just a girl.


But life is just too short

to keep at arms length

I have to trust in God

even though there's pain.


For without consequence

there is no love,

and without love

where is God?


My heart still yearns

for both of my desires,

but I'll let God choose

the life that transpires.

-Angela R. Williams





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