not enough time!

circle of two hands 

and one hastier than the rest; 

in whatever shape or form 

it always conforms 

back to midnight from noon 

and it’s too soon 

to determine the monsoons 

or the tides with the sunrise 

on the dial- 

up because it takes too long 

for some to decipher. 


two circles, no hands 

as it laps with an engine 

or just getting hydrated 

before it overheats. 

notice the art of my analysis 

sending digital paralysis 

due to the clockwork 

of my timepiece; 

nonexistent, grease 

of my slipping fingers 

on the situation, 

hanging on to innovation- 

a gift and a curse.

but it could be worse, 

i could be unaware. 

yet, the less i know 

the better i fare. 

falling short, long shot. 

but one life to live, 

it’s all i got. 


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