Something I want everyone to know


I will not make the same mistakes I have
Living day by day with that in mind
And so it has brought upon me that life is good
Living with no sins each day is fine
I will soon meet God when my time is to come
I will live a simple and pure life 
I will be the person I want to be
And I will always think twice.

You only live once and you only write once

So I spread these words to you so vast.

And as for the mistakes I have made in the past
I have received a blessing of a lesson 
Life's first half
And so it has taught me, be who you wanna be
wear and say what you wanna, and even climb a tree
Life's too short to even care at all
So don't let anything get you down
Life's too short to even care at all 
So delete all the negative and throw away that frown

Yolo and Yowo

It's as simple as can bee

Yolo and Yowo

Be happy, be free.


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