Maybe i dont know...

Tue, 12/03/2013 - 23:36 -- jarebet


The scars that have wounded me are still with me and they will never vanish. These wounds follow me each step of the journey of my life. My scars make up who i am today, how i feel and most important...who i am. I know my scars will always be with me because i now carry them with me. I now carry all that hate. Maybe i dont know what i was doing, maybe i never did and never will but its ok, im ok. Until this day i like to represent who I am, and what defines me. Mistakes surely dont define me, they are only there to show me my lesson for tomorrow and my whole future. Mistake is often the thing that i get judged of the most, and well what can i do about it? Its easier for me to accept my mistakes before someone exagerates the whole story. In order to move foward in life you have to let go, that does not mean that whatever happened did not have meaning, it just meaans that you made peace with it. But only you chose who you become.


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