My My My My My Life


I come from a generation where handouts rarely exists where you gotta get it by any means necessary.Where people rather hate on your accomplishments than linking up with you and making there own .Where it's easy to sit on ya butt and complain rather than going out and working for what you want.Where sleep is now Considered to be for the broke.Where females rather be the baddest b*tch on instagram than to have a degree to there name.Im growing up in a generation where twerk videos are becoming  bigger than the war in Iraq.I come from a generation Where where the word (YOLO) You Only Live Once is an excuse to not do anything with your life but party drink and do drugs.I come from a generation where wearing a hood and carrying skittles and a something to drink can get you killed.I come from a generation where killing dogs can get you more time than killing a human being.I come from a generation that im not proud of !


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