yoko ono, yoko loko, yogo, yogurt, yolo, yoyo

my name is yoko because my mom said she talked to a fortune teller

i imagine the teller hunchbacked

old and ears like elves

but eyes warmed like melted chocolate

the fortune teller told my mom that i would be born in august

i was

and the then she told her that i would be born the year of the dragon

the fire dragon

i was

so superstition won out and the teller gave my mom a list of names

yoko because it means positive

because it will cool me out

but i think the dragon lives inside me

the fire erupting from it’s breath

forced to hold the world even though it’s a toy

if i find that teller will she tell me how i died?

or more importantly, how i lived?

i don’t know

yoko is my name and it’s very odd

yoko ono, yoko loko, yogo, yogurt, yolo, yoyo


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