YOLO: Accept Yourself


They say you never hear "YOLO"

And classy in the same sentence.

"They are total opposites... right?"

But I disagree.

The word "YOLO" may not seem "classy"

But I think it depends on the person.

When "The Motto" came out by Drake

The popularity of people used "YOLO" as a reason to do crazy things

Such as partying, drinking, and doing drugs.

But many don't understand the real meaning behind YOLO.

People don't realize what Drake was trying to tell us.

In "Tuscan Leather" a song by Drake

He rapped "Like YOLO wanted to tell you,

'Accept yourself'

You don't have to prove shit to no one

Except yourself."  

Drake simply was trying to tell us

Be who you are and do things for yourself.

Now does this mean "YOLO" means classy?

Not always.

Many times "YOLO" is the opposite of classy

But there are some rare people that can express

That they are the classy "YOLO".

One of those rare people is me.





Orginal poem by Brooke Combs.

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