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Autumn, the present season Changes of cadences and colors It's a very charming time
We are in September Summer just lost her limbs Her warmth, her beauty and her tenderness.  
Yellow flower, grieving flower, pale flower,
It is your style It is your smile It is the charisma It is the aroma
Running in fantastic lines Agreeing with the magical future In the embrace of miraculous now We dream to heal Life will be wholesome again 
Singing waters sweetly save the world  With each glee of ready drops to sing along  Out there, there is a beauty of a world 
She is beautiful  Like a mouse, her heart moves  With the window of her soul  open to Heaven’s skies    She is beautiful 
My story is a mirror of souls I have been daily  With divine ink duly set diurnally Each season with a taste of weather narrates spirally 
I have never really been a person to really enjoy when it was Spring, Because I never really sat back and thought about all of the changes and the beauty that it can bring.
SeasonsFour seasons in a year. summer is the best one . in the winter it's cold . The spring is wet and muddy  the spring is the best time to play spring aau.
Seasonsfour seasons in a year summer is the best one  in the winter it's cold  The spring is wet and muddy  the spring is the best time to play spring aau then comes the hot,sticky and, humid summer 
I always used to say I hated summer Something about the heat Or the sun burns Or the bugs flying around No matter where you go But it wasn’t entirely true You see It’s true that I hated summer
Like a soft blanket with ruffles and weaves,The ground is coveredWhite, pristine, pure, she sleeps,In her, creation slumbers.  
I always said  I'd rather freeze than burn Because ice can melt But ashes remain
The simple joy of autumn leaves Warm, gold hues on a sullen creek The beauty of their short descent  The ephemeral life we all are meant They fall onto the winter ground
   Seasons by: Luis V Some people are meant to come and go Some people stay in your life for a season or more Some people are meant to stay with you until death 
Every now and then I visit the park It's beautiful in autumn As if spring sleeps on the ground But then there my lover is Wearing her summer smile Dancing in the autumn breeze
In starving sunlight Too thin for the sky   This season claws with bare trees scraping against heaven   I too remember plenty Counted once among the beloved  
I love to watch you wind, as you sway the trees and blow across the fields in a gentle breeze, but I wonder where you go.   You disappear sometimes in a mischievous sort of way
  In the spring, the newborn sunlight glistened through her partially bleached hair. Her eyes sparkled in the warm daylight, as they glazed over the fiction novel she rented from the library.
To wake from your sleep With groggy, foggy eyes And to know of what you dream 'T is something you keep.   To wake from your daze Listening to the voices I notice those faces
I will here plant a seed and feel the compost of forgotten years, and breathe the warm air of this, the present.  And wait in the world to see
Life is like the Earth Always changing Growth, rebirth Movement, rearranging.   People are like seasons Some seem to linger, to last But for whatever reason Others quickly become past.
You’re the type of summer that gives birth to new feelings and warmth Giving bloom and burning heat to the loneliest of fields I am the overbearing winter that makes loneliness stark and cold deeper
You are not the painter but the canvas As a favorite author has said Painted by other individuals Colors are chosen by emotions Hurt makes the blues
Tiny dancer falling from the sky Pirrouetting off her twiggy perch Then twirling gently, gradually, Descending to the ground below - While in her mid-air journey She joins a fancy troupe:
The fall was harsh, the winter was bitter. A frozen field failed to yield spring life except for one flower. It was no quitter. It pushed and pounded on the ice in strife  
WhisperOctober love and a delicate signatureDaintilysinging a spirits humble vowUnderindigo seasons of air Shadowsfuse and tempo with intimacyRain
PART I Cupid’s bow spoke to me Its Honduran mahogany Cut piece by piece And carved into shape Etched with a design
In Fall, there are orange leaves on all the trees. It's the season of my birthday and Halloween. It's very dandy to get all that candy.
I believe "deceitful" is a bit harsh, prone to believe she's "full of herself" with her frosty farthingale draping my mountainside.
A tree, dry and maze-like, With its nooks and crannies Housing dormant figures of spiders, insects and whatnot . . . As its gentle aging is noted by those in passing,
Dearest Friend,   Lend me your branches, that I may spend upon them a sultry summer day   Enfold me in broad leaves allow secretive breaths to divulge the heartbeat of the forest  
Fall to the ground,  my falling leaves  and branches that home you. You were once pretty things floating above the earth in your vibrant green. Yet devils and demons have had their way 
As the weather changesAnd seasons passI take in the worldSpinning around meSlowly, quickly
Spring showers bring an abundance of flowers, And frogs croak fairly freely. Warm days with sun-kissed rays and long hours, Oh how I love spring, really.  
( Copy change of Thesaurus by Billy Collins)   Dear Billy Collins 
Red, orange, yellow, brown. A Technicolor, rainbow town. Children go outside and play. Even though the clouds are grey.  
In this frigid winter I write To you who reminds me of this unwelcome chill, That comes not at my request but at the hand of nature Like the wind, you envelop me in an unwanted embrace,
I see that everything is changing, everything is falling into place.  And as I watch the seasons changing, I know nothing will ever be the same.  I can see that Spring is on it's way,
when the heat wave strikes, do not moveit is better to become transparent and allow it to go through youholding onto suffering will only cause more pain either way when something is too cold or too hot it burns
Halloween A time to laugh A time to scream Takes up the entire month If you’re enthusiastic My favorite time of the year
Two hundred fifty miles away I miss you day by day You make me smile, laugh and sing In fact our love reminds me of spring
Hot tea, soft sweaters,  whispers of the cold   Crunching leaves, Fireplace burns, Ghost stories told  
Hearing the Seasons By: Hannah Beasley   Winter:   Winter sounds of soft touches, The light crunch when you step through snow,
Spring  sprouted alive in his smile, In the skies turned an iridescent blue,In the winds that matted his hair with wild lilies,In the early morning dew, In the thin and transparent leaves
Decay sits at the bank of beauty disturbed little by boisterous bees or befuddled birds. May pacing paws trample your crunching leaves and evoke autumn which stirs with
 Individual clouds stole the sky
It was nothing but a blurAmidst the insecurities of life Hasty decisions Jumping into conclusions Hiding blemishes Closing gaps In betweenBroken roadsPerfectioning one another's flaws
The flurry of frozen fractals Shatteered remains of my subconscious Such a buoyant, bright element Holds so much regret, pain Drifting down, Falling to the ground. My mind piece by piece,
Feeling the warm rays of golden sunlight, their gentle touch carresing my exposed skin as I lay still listening, watching... The murmurr of the leaves a whispering all of the secrets never heard,
Every season has their very own story. Even though no one notices they have stories to tell. They watch us every single day they come out of their slumber. Seasons write about everything they...
A year is colors is something that can blur around you It starts off in the cold winter months, with blues and grays, and whites before it moves to the dusty brown and pale greens of spring
Winter of last year; although friends were plentiful, the blistering cold influenced a focus on the individual-- me.
As the leaves have fallen down So does my heart go Bare trees rooted in the ground Yet I fly away   Twelve months ago where were you Seasons have changed you Twelve months later a new you
A new year meant a new start. The beginning was a blast,  and when that clock struck midnight everything was in the past.   When spring came around,  things began to change.
Pencil shavings became a sign of accomplishments A’s became common Teachers became leaders School became a creative space.  Glances became kisses
Even the trees are more interesting than I, For their leaves change color. From glowing orange to bright red, They please any audience that drives by. An applause in the form of  a smile is what is recieved
I didn't used to feel this cold. I was the kind of kid that kept summer within them. I went barefoot through the snow, I wore shorts late into the fall. Never brought a coat. That was before I met you. 
Somewhere between my birth and death, flowers wilt and sulk, leaves breakaway, and the wind carries the seedlings. Things fall and deteriorate,
This spring is dry It’s cold on a summers day The leaves are still Although they are not here to stay, Humanity dipped in grey dye
January and new beginnings Followed by intense wrestling in February Little old ladies in their gardens at the end of March Listening to a good record during an April shower
All these branches, All these leaves, They're changing colours, Like women's weaves. They're changing. They're rearranging. They're bearing all, For the winter.
roastingwinter mealsjust beforethe snow hits,the dry chilling airencircles us twolittle penguinsin our black overcoatsas we smellsweet sugars formupon the darkening skin
Blank, white, still Earth  The silence is deafening. Smell of happiness in bloom Songs of the beginning of warmth. Children playing, water splashing, freedom in the air Stress is gone, school is out.
  It all begins with a single song Drifting, fluttering, singing along. The sweet scents of a thousand flowers As they mingle through the air, It only lasts for what seems an hour,
Woods brushed in rich glows,Brisk fragrant breeze sweeps the air,Fall shouts its hello.
A Thought, indefinite and young, rolled among meadow grass and spring flowers, flashing with light.   A Thought, pooling and unwavering, grew in lazy night and cold passion,
[The Fall - A Focal Point] Enter the breeze, the cool air... the mystifying flow of perfection as the leaves change color for the last time. One time, one focus, the magic of the allure
Snow twirls through the air Soft and dainty Crafted elegantly with designs The human eye can't see The sky is gray White Who really knows It shields the cozy homes below
  Green grass implies Spring, here in this statuesque creation, With flowers escalating from the earth, softening its foundation.
the culdesac is quieting. the sun is readying for bed, and the streetlights are soon to come on. most have been called in for dinner, yet a few stragglers still remain, in denial of both the ending day,
I’ll see you after seasons change when we’re bundled up again, when breezes penetrate thermal layers and our fat gloved hands are teenagers again, awkwardly holding each other in your coat’s
In spring you said you loved me Summer we promised forever  We fell apart in autumn  You were gone before winter started
Death is like Winter, and Winter is like Death: Cold, barren, a frozen wasteland of decay. So, if Death be  Winter,  Birth is like Spring, and Spring is like Birth: Life blossoming all around, growing in light. 
Silky, soft, snow white skin Glowing red, a hinting grin Locks of blazing fire trickle near Graceful life soon shall begin   Twinkling blue eve so clear, Framing brazen green, so sincere 
Seasonal Green buds, bloom, bloom, without mourning, As gentle as the rise of morning.   Yellow sun, shine, shine, with no grieving, As peaceful as the fall of evening.  
You are Winter When the nights are long And the mornings blur Not a thing in our world is wrong.   You are Spring When what melts is grey And new life can cling
   Summer breezes     In my hair     Keep my ideas outward flowing    Winter chills     In my toes     Keep my feet onward dancing    Spring flowers     In my hands     Keep my love forever growing    Fall colors     In my face     Keep my smile a
Walking in summer is swimming, legs cutting strokes through mid-afternoon heat and humidity. Dappled shade on the sidewalk
They have stood their lastBut autumn is comingAnd the trees are the firstTo succumb to the changing days.Their leaves no longer lively and green,But now gorgeous shades of yellow and red.
There is no fall When you aren’t here I tried to call But shed a tear   There is no winter Without your love I feel like a splinter Upon a dove   There is no spring
when he kissed her he breathed summer air into her winter lungs
*This poem was inspired by Teva Mayer's "Autumn's Child."  I loved it so much that I decided to write about his playmate.*  
Upon a mid-summer afternoon The curtains find release Dancing with the wind Fluttering with the breeze Silent
Reading a story is the seasons Of an altering year. Just like spring leaves,
Tell me, was it all in vain?
I am keeper of the winter
Have you ever looked at someone and felt completely warm? In the coldest of winters they filled the holes in your heart with patches of summer. You couldn't look at them without smiling or urging to share a laugh.
It's Summer. And you are everywhere.   I see you
The cold winter breezes are turning warm, fading into the wet spring that I've always known. A weight presses on my chest, lifting somewhat but always  lingering,
Where the cherry shall drop into the pink oceans And he lamb’s ear shall hear the wind’s whisperings The undefeated sun shall shine forth into the fourth of darkness   Yet the grounds are of pearl
    You won’t find me in the crowd My colors won’t capture your attention So what do you see When you turn to look in my direction?   When I stare into adversity
This November I went O’er my previous sights I saw a glorious view in a bright hue, It’s Wicca, a new horizon but an old way. I come to it openly and with a heavy heart I dance, I ride, I feel the music and nature,
By the moonlight We dance the night away By the firelight We sleep til the end of day   When summer is gone We dance in the trees We run along Through the piles of leaves  
The perfume of warm caramel married to spiced pumpkin permeates the amiable atmosphereThe stifling heat stammers a tired goodbye and welcomes the blushing breeze
People are not much different than seasons,
How strangely the world works You have everything you've wanted Yet you still feel alone In a room of your closest friends Why is that so?   How desire touches each soul
The wind gently blows. The leaves fall from the trees, down down down they go. The smell of marshmellows roasting in the campfire fills the autum air. There's a sudden rustling of crisp leaves. Campfire songs are sung.
Who knew the month of October  could nourish my spirit and comfort my eyes wth a warmth of pure light and a never-ending bliss?   Gold is delicately interwoven in the
In a gigantic galaxy Lies the 3rd rock from the sun Sustaining all kinds of life It continuously spun Simultaneously rotating as it orbits Causing change in every 3 months
Crisp air, pumpkin spice, gloomy skys. Ringing of a bell, and a rush of young kids. Laughing of old jokes lost in the separtion of summer. Sharpen pencils, and new books. Sniffling of colds and curing of hot coco
Oh! The leaves crunch beneath my feet And the only human sound is my heartbeat! Looking to the horizon, I see the changing trees; Their glorious, colorful beauty makes me quiver at the knees.
A special poem for you from me a special bond no one can see I’m thankful for all the things you have done for me I’m thankful for you always being there cause when my heart was hurt I felt like no one cared for me but when I need someone to vent
Black and white days with overcast waves, gently fade away the summer daze. The leaves, they break up with the trees and fall helplessly for the dew kissed ground. A spectrum of green and brown that bring with them a warm sound.
I crave the act of running my fingers through your hair, To hold your face in my palms and kiss every part of it, Your nose, Cheeks, Left eye, Right eye,
The sun is hot, the wind is low and soft against your face. The trees are green, their shadows tall and cool in their embrace. The grass is bright, the flowers vivid, and swaying in the breeze.
This is the time. Leaves dance in the air, Giving color to the wind. 
A fallen leaf, An empty street, Cool air in my chest, It’s the time of the year I like best, Silence all around, No animals to make any sound, Time seems to stand still,
The leaves are falling slowly, gently, scattered   It’s a little windy, not breezing, not so strong
The clouds stroll in; they strengthen the ice blue sky.  The orange and red pop against  puffs of heavy rain.   Sweaters unearthed from cobwebs and dust. Warm maroons and toasty browns
Autumn is a wonderful time of year; Leaves are turning and the sun is shining. Pumpkin patches and Halloween are near;
Winter is a slippery time for walking My clunky boots skate along the ice The temperature is chillingly shocking On this adventure, I’ve only fallen twice   Spring blooms of bright scented flowers
I forget to watch the leaves change in fall, and notice the cold that creeps the ground. Lost to me are the many notes and sounds of people as they greet each one and all. In my chest is a glimmering, bright, ball 
*Crunch* The leaves go under me. Leaves of vivid colors fall beside me.
As I gaze I see the sky change from blue to pink Then as the night comes the moon whispers in my dreams I do not know of the words that it speak I just know that the world turned and is now smiling at me
 When ever I miss her I start to daze off, 
Oh the beauty of the seasons
 Falling leaves The chilling air Darker days bring more despair
I died as Autumn burned out bright
The movement in the trees, The falling of the leaves, The change of this season - Looks similar to the changes near me   Visually represented, The world surrounding my being,
Fall, winter, spring, summer   Hymns like an angel Laughter that mingles First year of a new trauma First year of a new drama   Needles and medical poison
Lost in your eyes I want to feel the sunrise. I want to feel the flutter of your heartbeat, in this beautiful demise. Though your hunger will make me bleed, my thirst for you will intervene. Lust lust I'm feeling lust lust, lust lust lust.
My heart is like a cabin in the woods; Hidden from sight. Sometimes I’ll raise signs to show that life still lives here, But I forget; There is no one around to see it
She’s the rainbow at the end of an autumn storm, I’m the mud that seeps through your shoes. She’s a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace on Christmas Eve, I’m a snow blizzard that you see on the news.
Learning Summer, and in my mind,I notice no transition,So close, she stayed,So warm, she felt,And then, my soul,it sat to melt. - Z.H.
Memories of sunny days; wind wisping softly by. Looking down onto the trees; birds floating in the sky.
Your Spring is lovely and sweet it makes all see youth. Your Summer burns the skin, but it makes the evenings swell.
I have a fear A fear of falling Heart is calling Wanting you Body is trembling Hands are shaking Eyes are longing Mouth is wispering no Dying inside Of you not knowing You
purple grey   the frost eclipses the sick sun, sure to succumb to the wonderland   red orange  
As a baby, I laid and cried in my crib Observing the sunlight peering through my window
I ought to visit the woodlands; it is where I must return Inhaling and long exhales, enjoying the wood smoke as it burns The bright shining sun goes down, and we watch the rigid night fall enter
My family stands beside me under a roof of sky
A dark, dreary night Sitting here, waiting for warmth Tears roll down my face   The cool, breezy air Spring has finally arrived New plants emerging   The joy spreads throughout
"No more snow," they say. 'We are finished with that part of day. We are past that portion of year. We are done with that hour of drear!"   "No more snow?" I say. "We have past all pf the array
I feel the breeze   A brush of stinging air   My breath steams through   Like smoke in the atmosphere   Your eyes raw  
'round she goes like a carousel/ she was nothing (and nothing was her)   she was engulfed (in an iron grip) monday to sunday twitching and waiting (for something to snap)  
I can see the sun
A breath of new life, a flower has bloomed The laughter of a child plays a beautiful tune The gardenias and jasmines stand so peaceful
Summer’s end has reached once again.
The trees seem to grow older, As the land becomes colder; Their leaves flying away. As the night gnaws at the day, Time seems to freeze; Leaving me at ease, For I enjoy the silence.  
In December I see a Christmas tree in our living room
Snow to sleet, and sleet to snow Trudging softly to and fro. Waiting for the golden glare Always hidden, never there.   Sweetly “singing in the rain” Quite a lie, to my disdain.
As summer gave way to fall
Days come and go, seasons change as we flow.   
One’s shadow is their own darkest enemy,
The world was an icy place until you shone upon the land. Your smile was the sun that thawed the spring. The sweet scent of you brought the flora to life. Our passionate stares burned like the long days of summer.
It started in heat. A heat that kept 
The seasons keep changing and I only grow older In the summer i am wild and free like the bonfires on the beach I am not searching for anything but simply enjoying life as it is Life is simple Then comes fall
The breeze, so warm and pleasant. The flowers, so beautiful and colorful. The voices of the kids playing across the street, so cute and heartwarming. The sound of the ice cream truck, so inviting and addicting.
Snowflakes unwillingly brighten the day They drop silently; so blissfully Through these gloves And frozen fingers They slip away Leaves and bright flowers Along a path They start their way
paradoxically invigorated  sleeveless in bitter arid wind mummified autumn leaves trampled underfoot sigh in relief, sinuses desiccated by the soured air the roar of eighteen-wheelers the hum of dying cicadas
  Mother Nature brings the seasons with careful planning, for each a reason. Because our cravings do not hold, She grants each year white, pink, red and gold.
Off yonder doth the mourn sun rise through the thickets; His arrival has come for all to see; Silvery white hair flowing majestically, kissing its Eternal ends to the submissive earth and trees;
The chill of autumn swiftly in the air Its suffocation makes the summer die And winter’s cold is much for me to bear; I do not want to wait until July. For leaves that once were lively choose to fall
When days transfigure themselves from orange to gray I remember what there is to be so sad about the way so many things can change in the matter of minutes from orange to gray Then next is a dark blue
Same smell of green Cool breath in the air Frost on the benches Same swarthy blues It will be here   When we were walking by the cemetery You asked if I would still be there for you
Waves ebb and flow. My mind is a beach, Emotions come and go. Some are as salty as the sea, Others reveal the bright white sand underneath.   Right now, it is winter in my head,
Those moments smiling never alone Laying on the soft green grass below In your arms where it once was called home Watching the clear baby blue space up above Sun shining down on our skin keeping us warm
Empty sparkles, From the gray-nothing up yonder, Swirling before me…
Once again Autumn is upon Leaves are changing, colors blossom trees nestle into their winter shell Year after year, I've always viewed things with such blind eyes just a tree, just a color,
For better or for worse, Lovers pass. In sickness and in health, Lovers pass. The seasons seem to change with the people, Not the other way around. We’re all just floating along in this mistaken world,
I want to spend all summer dipping our toes in the water   and crunching ice while we complain about the heat.   And I want to run my fingers through your short hair   and laugh at the sun  
The Wind shares her secrets to summer's dying Leaves; with Her promise of spring they fall so hopefully. One last burst of color- they wither away; calmly assured that warmth returns someday.
I carry the metal bucket heavy with ashes through the wooded path to the compost heap.   Tiny flakes of snow fall on and around me floating down from the gray sky
Oh joy! It's the time of the year again A time to give, a time to love, a time To be with your loved ones and share those times
Fall is about to come... Summertime is almost gone... Enjoy it while it lasts, Remember all of the best... Keep it all in the memories... Dreams all spread by the fire flies...
My pen touches the paper.The ink slowly flows.The world spins idly byAs my story steadily grows.
 The green grass hides the Living creatures in springs’ meadows, Dancing, frolicking, swaying In the wind that makes the flowers Shiver
 In such a serial back yard, no wind or leaves rustling, an expecting squirrel waits in her nest, being frozen by the cool brisk air.
Dark brow of winter, Wrinkled and pinched from the cold, A dusting of snow.   Bright eyes of summer, Dancing like waving green grass, So fully alive.   Laughing mouth of spring,
The flowers falling Changing colors show season It seems it's fall now
I recall that pulse of summer, vivacious and lively when I first met you. Fall sprang into worlds of color, I learned the meaning of Love is Blue.   Through the winter, snow sparkled down.
Staring out at the city lightsI was wasting time, wasting timePhotographing the pieces, I reached new heightsRealizing the old colors never seemed to rhyme
Feeling the cool wind flow through my hair hearing the crunch of the fallen leaves under my shoes smelling hot cider as I walk in the door seeing all the colors of the leaves
Remember December in all it's splendor The way you held me My body surrendered A love so gentle My body so tender Yearning for you Our last December
I may be bruised, But I’m not broken I will not let an ugly past Ruin a beautiful future Still I rise Look at me and tell me What you see Not someone that’s going to fail  I will succeed
Summer. We had it all...once. It was a moment of bliss. A snapshot in time when I was yours and you were mine. Fall came into play we tried our hardest to make it each day but like the leaves our feelings flew away Winter.
  Snow falls on the ground Blanketing the land in white Bright, cold, uniform.   Snow melts and flowers Rise up tentatively from The newly freed earth.   Flowers fall and leaves
The rippling grayness of water trickled beneath,Love, tender and sweet, was draw from its sheath.The hearts of two are intertwined as one,As the alluring season of autumn is begun.
  The crows in the corn field wait to feed   From my flesh, they anticipate to meet their needs   They wait for me to fall, to fail, to admit defeat
Spring. I was struggling to bloom, for the new sun only scorched all in it's path.  Summer. Internally, frightened, I fought the heat. That was all you brought - no refreshing rain, no solace in shade. 
Our love so great let it be ever Shown Like salt spread on obsidian black Stone Our hearts beating in such great Rhapsody Syncing together in just Harmony   Let the devout reverent choir Sing
(From the touch of an instrument to slowing tempo, the high note, key to key, no beat in the surround sound but in the mind, round and round your mind goes, imgination goes exploring, exposed from the high end note, didn't know how music would be
  Lost in an abundance of love, The lover gives the her heart a chance. It’s been months since their friendship Has grown they have been together in sickness. And Each day becomes another diaries page.
I'm torn between the two My heart beats for both of you I can't decide I can't make up my mind Because of the things that bind us Like words of love, but lust decieves
I’m in love with a thing called loveBut love won't love me backAnd I don't know whyI’ve loved you since the 8th grade loveSo love me backI see her all the timeBut she won't let her love be mines
Poetry is the long winter’s night The powdery snow ever so white Poetry is the glittering Christmas tree And the time spent between you and me
You are the reason autumn burns red   It bleeds to compete with your brilliance   Leaves fall as offerings when trees bow down   As you walk on by, hair like October’s gown  
I dream of filling pages, but I never seem to have the words. I dream of being clever, to make people turn their heads and whisper, "how did she do that?"I want to leave them awestruck. 
I let you go a little more each dayI guess it's better that way.Losing you all at once bewilders my soulRipping away a part from a whole.Hey, best friendThought I knew you so well
Changes Three hundred sixty five days go by And people go in and out as swiftly As the wind blows high. It begins with the frigid blank sheet of snowflakes Of every kind, Ice blue hearts surrounding
Like the spring flowers blossom in, so shall our lives begin. We are born innocent of violence and suffering, and from all the screams that the world is thundering. But from these ignorant, feeble minds,
Crystallized drops of dew descend from skies Which spill their frozen tears onto the Earth. The careless sun has undermined their worth, Rendering their heart cold as slowly dies
What is your favorite season? The weather of fall is beautiful, Glorious and bright but Chilling and crisp. The colors of fall are brilliant, Red and orange and Brown and purple.
The valleys green, the ocean blue The golden sun in the afternoon The soft brush of and offshore breeze And in the fall, the piles of leaves
The colors fade, the leaves they fall A few last notes, the music now Ended But oh! How it soared, How sweet was the song that swelled Within When my love was your all!
Ah, Spring, I do not know how. You let all become plated with gold, yet (instead) feign a sheet of green.
The auburn sunset rings against My eyes The smell of fresh-fried shrimp wafting in through rectangular canals of a bus a cool breeze lifts the heat and fatigue and worries
Walking inside a white marble, Legions of snowflakes in the air, Like torrents of feathery arrows they swoop, Tucking-in the ground bare.
In the early evening, I come home from the park. And inside my house there are shadows in the dark!
If a picture’s worth a thousand words, his vocal cords must never find rest. In this tiny cottage, his blossoming collection litters walls where the wall paper used to be. Each image features her, the most stunning female of life.
With soft and tender hands, he gently wipes away the leaves of a helpless tree that has shed in the autumn weather, damaging the trunk and sap.
The season of Autumn was about in the air, in your soul, under the skin of the ground it cringed and blew the wind, swirling the fire leaves everywhere. Like fireworks in the sky.
Skipping down a sunny patch Leaping into the welcoming lap Of daisies tightly interlaced With grasses that bend to face The laughing spray from the stream That quickly spills into Spring
The light sunflower Diminishes through fall Until shriveled and dead
Little snowflakes are falling on my face I stick out my tongue for a tiny taste Looking around I notice the snow pile Spring will not be back for a little while Layers provide me warmth from the harsh flakes
Though spring time fades and petals dim and all man’s efforts wither then Your beauty never shall age old Here in my heart forevermore
I. Summer, the dramatic scene As the stars are blinking, fading in and out, the bright moon smiles, slowly rising in the navy blue sky.
Flowers are woken by the dance of Spring. A child is born to those who will love her. Her laughter is the peal that bells bring. As she grows up, her spring turns to summer. The summer to her brings the sensual sun,
I dreamt of a Kingdom in the Sky Teeming cities and purple mountains Stretching far and rolling wide I dreamt of a great foundation Cradled in the arms of the fallen A black and blue, a bloodied nation
Spring is beautiful, alluring, and fine Everywhere you go you see flowers bloom With wonderful petals that brightly shine Oh what a scene they provide for our gloom
Famous for her nipping on my skin, The utter freshness is always new every day; The air is so crisp and the bite of the wind Leaves me breathless like the mountains I say;
For my loving heart began to open just as the petals Awaiting for a bee to come and find me Alas, the buzzing ceased but a lonely caterpillar came to thee
A green meadow sprawls out before you, a crystal blue stream slicing it perfectly like a knife through butter, dots of yellow alight themselves on the tops of the grass, winking at you in the wind,
I always die a little In Fall I guess The autumn breezes Just whisk away My fragile hopes And my broken dreams And carry them someplace Far away And I am left With the fears
Bloom from the Mother From the depths to the sky It's a start of fresh, of new, of clean A new beginning, far to die
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