The Tree of Seasons

Tue, 10/20/2015 - 12:37 -- Savie


United States
38° 23' 0.6432" N, 76° 25' 59.412" W

They have stood their last
But autumn is coming
And the trees are the first
To succumb to the changing days.
Their leaves no longer lively and green,
But now gorgeous shades of yellow and red.
They sway in time to the gentle winds,
As their leaves are stolen to create
A carpet which crunch underneath
Even the quietest of explorers.

Branches now bare,
They go into a deep slumber
Dreaming of days for better weather.
The weather is colder, the days
Seem longer and more harsh than before.
Snowflakes fall and rest on their branches
Soon to be followed by icicles to protect
The trees of winter invaders.

After many days and nights go by,
Hope and warmer weather finally
Comes through to those that proved patient
Through the colder days.
This spreads through even the tallest trees,
From the roots, to the highest branch.
Soon, tiny buds begin to grow;
Nature’s promise of better days.
They rejoice at this reward
So long has it been since their
Branches were full and glorious.
Such a remarkable sight to those passersby
As they, too, know the long wait for
The cold and frozen air to finally thaw
And give way to the better weather
That all have been waiting for.



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