Autumn Burns

You are the reason autumn burns red


It bleeds to compete with your brilliance


Leaves fall as offerings when trees bow down


As you walk on by, hair like October’s gown


And and you speak the rustling quiets


Murmurs die down, the wind halts


As if you commanded nature to be at ease


A single word and you have the spotlight




And winter snow becomes a cover


As the season surrender its color


Only to match your unparallel fairness


And it becomes frigid, desolate


The last of the trees


Has offered the last its leaves


And all time can hope for 


Is rising to witness you once more




Spring grows green with envy


For you stayed awake during its slumber


Before daffodils flourish and meadows become re-painted


There was already you, proudly remaining


They compliment your being


But no flower will see light


When you stand before an orchard


There is no contest




Again the sky burns up


The sun furiously piercing


Raising his temperature


But cannot match you magnificence


And you seek refuge by the shade


Hiding beauty for a while


Allowing the sun to have the stage now


But you are triumphant by night




And may I be so gentle


So gallant, so bold


To even think of glancing


At the eyes of exaltation


Shall I dare say a word?


Beg for a name


Steal her away


And the next day do the same?


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