Love Surpasses Season

Mon, 02/12/2018 - 20:06 -- LilyB

Dearest Friend,


Lend me your branches,

that I may spend upon them

a sultry summer day


Enfold me in broad leaves

allow secretive breaths

to divulge the heartbeat of the forest


A crisper wind makes itself known

sucking on my hair

peeling my fingers from your bark


Grasping at your flailing leaves

faltering in swirling eddies

You favor a coat of copper


I plead your presence

to remain

Unfeigned tears slip away


I watch you

bare your trunk for greedy

mouths of maggots



And, feeling selfish,

curl upon my own flesh

like a burning leaf


You await the touch of spring




A caterpillar creeps up your sullen limbs

its persistent pace instilling



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