Being Me

Tue, 06/21/2022 - 03:29 -- Creator

My story is a mirror of souls I have been daily 

With divine ink duly set diurnally

Each season with a taste of weather narrates spirally 

From afar jars of sour-sweet essences melt soulfully 

At each pick, I find a peaking me I sought cravingly 

Nothing would give me that satisfaction perfectly 

She was always waiting for my call perpetually.


To make her I wonder how to with luxury of will and choice 

A perfect existence beautiful and moist of divine explicit voice

Love from highest cities and deepest valleys render overjoys

Sweet stops and tasty treats of thundering charming coins 

On the eve of my dewy Eden, I find express meaning poise

Irresistible clouds of scents and weightless wants of oils

Flipping leaves of clear care of chanting dear soils and alloys.


My story is a globe of amazingness upon interpreted plans spun

With divine spark set to torch, buy or birth time for lungs in my sun 

Each session a looming want of stirring starring magic run 

From afar trickling wins of sparkle and symphony done

At each stride in the woods or on the lanes caressing bridges won

Nothing hug dual loyalty beyond ticking clock and peak than one

She was ever me foreseeing visions of great extents rarely chosen.


To make her I wonder continual existence of constituents of stars 

A perfect throb of music cuddled extremities of dreams from scars

Love from love to love by love in priceless taste of time on Mars

Sweet talk of comfy emotions on the tender thread of intentional cars

In the number of resilient depths residing with my heart’s bars

Irresistible liberty of zest raise crowd of gaze at maze and jars

Flipping through the darling me have and go crazy 

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