Hearing the seasons

Hearing the Seasons

By: Hannah Beasley




Winter sounds of soft touches,

The light crunch when you step through snow,

The thud of a snowball hitting you dead in the center of your back.

Winter sounds like children laughing as they pelt their parents with snow

The soft dripping of icicles as they melt,

The sound of the kettle while warming up hot-coco.


Spring sounds of laughter,

young and old,

of lawn mowers and weed eaters.

Spring sounds of clanking heels and revolving doors,

of ' A day in the sun'.

Spring sounds like family picnics and picking flowers.



Summer sounds of splashing water,

flip flops on hard ground

and giggling children.

Summer sounds of beach horror stories,

panicked screams

and sirens.


Fall sounds of ringing school bells,

loud sighs,

and introductions.

Fall sounds of fallen leaves,

Text books,

and loose change.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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