Dancing between the Wind


My family stands beside me under a roof of sky

Dancing between the wind 

Leaves crumple beneath our feet 

As we stomp the rhythm of the rain 

We inhale the warm air, the scent of sky…

Come down, we chant.

Come down.

The air is still

As the silence vibrates

And then 

A drop of rain touches our souls

And we dance between the wind

The glistening sun ignites a carpet of purple blossoms

As the wind blows them away

Perfuming the air with the sweet scent of fire and flowers

I roam through a canopy of silver elms

Feeling their bark bumpy beneath my fingers

Listening for the song of the purple finch that heralds spring

In the spring 

When the cherry blossoms bloom

I stroll to the old bridge by the stream

Where the purple periwinkle trees 

Admire their blossoms in the watery mirror 

And the mossy rocks sit and collect years

As the water swishes over them

Here I lie, in my home without walls

My back on cool grass

My mind free

The wind blows the blades of green grass

Soft beneath our feet

The music of the ice cream truck sweetens the air

We chase it down the street

The sound of our laughter is like the sun 

We roll it into a ball to save for a rainy day

As cherry popsicle juice dribbles down our sunburnt chins

In winter, I see a snowflake like a tiny icy sun

Tumbling toward the hard earth

And I think…

Some snowflakes look like suns

Some like stars

Others are branches of a tree

And look!  There’s one that’s an exploding flower

Each one unique

Just like me


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