My Ladies of Virtue


I’m in love with a thing called love
But love won't love me back
And I don't know why
I’ve loved you since the 8th grade love
So love me back
I see her all the time
But she won't let her love be mines
But jealousy keeps nagging me
She don't like me flirting with lust
And anger is busy cooking something up in my kitchen
I think revenge is on her mind
I think happiness is feeling me though
Joy told me so
While I was at lunch with honesty
Friendship kept calling my phone
I don't think I should have told her about my thing for love
Now she starting to act like jealousy
And it don't help that hate keep staring through my window
I had to let her go
So I took destiny on a date
And she rocked my world
Conceited almost reared his ugly head
But confidence held me down
Damn sadness you look a mess
That relationship between me and you couldn't last
Its bad enough I got depression making my bed every morning
While denial is helping her fluff the pillows
And fear dresses me everyday
Self-pity brushes my hair
I think hate taught her how to brush hair
Because my head been hurting lately
With all that they do for me
I still want love
She's like that diamond necklace I always wanted
But could never afford
I mean I show her all the love I can
So why won't she love me back


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