Waltzing Through the Seasons


It all begins with a single song

Drifting, fluttering, singing along.

The sweet scents of a thousand flowers

As they mingle through the air,

It only lasts for what seems an hour,

Their dew dripped petals all so fair.


Then comes the heat, sweltering in its nature,

The plants all but crippling in a silent gesture.

In a sort of defeat as days grow long,

Nature uses soothing nights as relieving balm.


The leaves that were once so green and bold,

Now shrivel to red, violet, and gold.

Breezes crinkle as though paper,

Their work unraveling Summer's labor.


Stormy, icy, violent gust

Cover land in tundric dust.

Animals deep in hibernation

Eagerly awaiting Spring's coronation.


This is what nature has in store,

Waltzing through the seasons forevermore.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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