Changing With The Seasons

Spring had sprung,

The yellow-orange sun, shined on my pale face,

the ocean-blue sky didn't have a single cloud to be seen.

Blue birds chirped and played in the sky,

As the wind harmonized with them.

I ran outside through the fields of Easter Lilies,

And took in the wonderful pungent smell of freshly baked muffins,

I saw my friend chasing a beautiful monarch butterfly on

A small forest-green hill where we always met.

We were the best of friends,

And no one could split us up.


Summer arrived,

The sun's rays beamed down harder,

The wind stood still,

My friend still stood there on the mountain,

But no butterfly was in sight,

no sign of playful interaction was shown,

This was a worrying sight to see.

I ran up to him and shouted “TAG!”,

But he only stood there looking at me,

then said goodbye as he left with his head down returning to his home.


Autumn snuck up.

The wind picked up,

But did not whistle joyous sounds,

Only the sound of cold, sad tunes.

The leaves from the trees had started to turn brown and die off,

Only staying on the tree with a weak grip.

I walked slowly to the hill where I always met my friend,

And he was no longer there.

I always asked myself if I bored him or

If I wasn't who he wanted me to be


Winter apeared

The leaves had completely fallen,

The beautiful Easter Lilies had all disappeared,

and the birds were no longer to be seen.

The outside was no longer a place of happiness,

It was only a place of harsh winds and dark thoughts.

I no longer looked for the hill where my friend used to be,

And I stood inside looking out the window

Only to find nothing was left.


When Spring came again,

I didn't bother looking outside the window anymore,

I could only think about what I had done wrong.

My best friend left me and I blamed myself for it.

Society is who I looked up to, who I envision I should be

The perfect person my friend was looking for me to be

The world told me to grow up and to be someone I'm not.

I believed this was the only way to fit in,

And my friend realized this before me.

People's thoughts are changing who they are,

And they are afraid to show people who they really are.


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