I love fall it's so beautiful to look at,

The changing of the weather is just breathtaking,

I can already see some of the trees changing now, slowly.

You know the season's are like humans.

Spring your young, summer hot young adults,

fall middle age half way there, then winter comes you're almost gone.

Everything comes with change there is no way of stopping it,

Just by looking at the world you can see how it ages too,

which is beautiful in every way.

Storms come and go throughout the seasons,

good vs. bad play a role in our life.

My eyes can see the colors that shade new images,

my nose smells the nature that spits out it’s own magic potion,

body feels the squirrels food under my own shoes and sometime head.

Animals decorate the world for our own pleasures to enjoy,

roaming freely and balancing carefully.



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