Over the Course of the Seasons

I’ll see you after seasons change

when we’re bundled up again,

when breezes penetrate thermal

layers and our fat gloved hands

are teenagers again, awkwardly

holding each other in your coat’s

wool-lined pocket.


I’ll lose you in spring when we

get swallowed inside the tulip

petals hundreds of backyard

gardens away.


I’ll miss you in summer when

sweat begins to stream from my

forehead to the ground, when

I can feel the air holding my

dripping silhouette steady-

I’ll long for your hand to

drag me to my destination.


I’ll fall somber in fall when my

hair begins to blend in with the

yellowing leaves, when our flower

homes crash into crackled sheets

of tar- I’ll fall somber, and remain

so until the day in which you come

blasting in with the blizzard.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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