Moving Forward - Why I Write


Spring. I was struggling to bloom, for the new sun only scorched all in it's path. 

Summer. Internally, frightened, I fought the heat. That was all you brought - no refreshing rain, no solace in shade. 

Autumn. Like the leaves, I too lost my green, and returned to the Earth. You left; the sun moved farther away. I began to hibernate.

Winter. The snow brought a sudden epiphany. The shock of pure white blinded me yet forced me to open my eyes. I saw them, altogether and each as one. For them, I know now what I must do. 

Spring revisited. Upon my awakening, I realize something with that same bright snow-white clarity. The only thing I can do now is help those still frozen in winter, after helping myself.



I really enjoyed reading this poem. I like the fact that you incorporated nature and how beautiful it truly is. Nice work! Keep it up! and please read my new poem Alone. :)


You are such a sweetheart, thank you so much! I really appreciate that you took the time to read my poem, so I shall read yours! Again, thank you. :')


I would like to read your poem, but there are so many poems under the Alone tag. I'm new to this site and don't really know how to get to your page. Could you send me a link to your poem please? :)

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