The seasons keep changing and I only grow older

In the summer i am wild and free like the bonfires on the beach

I am not searching for anything but simply enjoying life as it is

Life is simple

Then comes fall

I am slowly being forced indoors and with that I am being forced to think again

I start to think about you, and where you may be

Fall turns into winter

I see all these couples everywhere and everyone seems so happy

Then i think again

I wonder where you are, why has God not put you in my life yet?

Or maybe he has, but you just haven't revealed yourself to me

My thoughts become my biggest enemy and i must shake them off before they consume me

But still, I cant help but wonder, when will you fall into my arms and say "I'm glad i'm home"

When will you run to me in search of shelter and strength but also run to me in complete adoration

When will there be someone in my life that i can say with the utmost sincerity: "I love you"

Until that day comes, ill just move with the seasons


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