Season Change

I am keeper of the winter
The one who manages the snow
I watch things grey and die
Rather than blossom and grow

I design the snowflakes children love
Yet parents keep them from my cold.
My season is pretty in some places
But symbolizes the withered and old

Creatures alike hide when I'm around
They keep their affections from me.
My heart grows cold from lack of love,
Cause even lovers flee

Yet when my time is finally over
I watch the season beside me step into light.
He softens my grounds and plants seeds
He makes all things right.

Lovers shed their coats and frolic in his flowers
The sun is warm and colors their skin
I watch him do his work
And dream of where he's been

And yet I go unnoticed by this season...
Because everyone Who sees me runs and hides.
And it's not that I don't like the winter,
But I'd rather design flowers by his side.

Maybe the winter was not made for me...

I wonder if god would have my season change
Then my creations can be appreciated as I look on with spring.
I wonder if he would change my name,
Cause what could something as cold as winter bring?


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