Snow twirls through the air

Soft and dainty

Crafted elegantly with designs

The human eye can't see

The sky is gray


Who really knows

It shields the cozy homes below

Like a thick blanket

And like gentle kisses

Snowflakes land on our cheeks

Melting away into drops

That trail down our faces

As we stare above in wonder

In rosy-cheeked awe

And the emotionless ice

Inside of our hearts

Finally begins to thaw

As the snow falls quicker


As if dancing wildly

In a fit of passionate energy

Falling to the ground

Landing gracefully

Like tiny little fairies

Such beauty they hold

In molded frost

And fluffy snow

It flies in great bellows

Of eager gusts of wind

Like a snow queen is near

Building her palace with a grin

It becomes a blizzard 

The snow becomes fierce

Like icy warriors charging

At the ground

At the frenzied air

Like a legion they grou[

With a fury so intense

Burning hot

Yet freezing cold

A storm amid smiles

You cannot defend

And as the war continues

Clashing against each other

Your body gets cold

But your heart grows ever warmer. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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