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                                                Betrayed and backstabbed By our African brothers. Insulted, humiliated and robbed
They say our generation tries to grow up too fast  But we live in a world where we are to live to others’ expectations and grow up.   
Hidden behind posters, Behind words, Behind screens.  A voice, a voice  Shouting in a tunnel, Bouncing off the walls,
You can see it.  Here it is. A new place. A big place. Bigger than before.  People passing, moving - always moving.  But stop.  Can you hear me?  Are you moving too fast? Looking every other way but here?
You can see it.  Here it is. A new place. A big place. Bigger than before.  People passing, moving - always moving.  But stop.  Can you hear me?  Are you moving too fast? Looking every other way but here?
Empty words on empty screens,  A silent generation screams Behind the masks of pleasant faces, Witty pictures, clever phrases,  We break, we cry, We sob, we fight, And segregated, rot and die,
On the Day of the Sun, I heard Democracy talk about Shapes and sizes, Spite and spleen, Color and cologne Word and litter Hair and lip.
Acting okay. Asking for forgiveness, Always pretending.   Broken heart. Bridges burnt. Baby, wait please.   Crying for hours. Cutting off everyone. Can you ever forgive me?
  I want to find the words The words to explain explain how I feel as a kid today   You try to listen
Our Differences   Hold your tongue tightly It is vile and inconsiderate Speaking pompous things to Put your generation above me   And I say to you, silence Our lives are not the same
Dear 2018,   A blank slate, I look upon this table rase, And wonder what words shall soon appear on the ancient histories of this age. C’est a-dire une revolution 
Everyday we play danger with our lives. Smoking, drinking and partying with drugs. Tryna be a Tupac when in reality we just some low down wanna be thugs. We not shooters out here..We just should've, could've, would'ves in the hood. A NBA player to
To My Fellow Twenty-Somethings:   Oftentimes, the millennial generation -- The generation of which we are at the tail-end -- Gets a bad rep.  
  This is the evolution of our generation: Documentation of instant gratification, Social media exploitation, Gender roles and misrepresentation.
They say to us, "This generation knows nothing, they're only children, what do they know?" But they don't know the battles we've fought, the fear we faced, the weights on our shoulders.
In all the world we look for but one, Boy or girl, strait or guy we search. We are like the moon always looking for the sun, Every one just out in a lurch.
We may be good We may be bad But we all must look forward Because our future lies ahead.
This is the generation of me's, we were taught nothing in this world is for free. Its made the world cold and hard, people only care about themselves going far. Or how many likes they get, whose got the most expensive shit.
Let me paint a picture of my generation. It's as if we all suffer from a self-induced aberration. We don't think, we just do. Where we sink, others flew. It kind of stinks that we can't see our potential,
wanting to have true friends but none are true enough to be one wanting to get in love and to be loved but gifted with none of the above  
Blacken Berries Black OF Barry Back in Various Thoughts of the Last Name Hunter a sequence Share these, Share These Pictures on Instagram
The young boy was so quick to pick up a gun but never a book the young girls so eagered to twerk something but never to desire to learn something they wonder why they never earn nothing like respect
The ones who always ask for a vacation. Is just a bunch of teens. In the middle of this crazy segregation. That we've been trying to avoid by all means. We're all in the middle of this war.
I promised i would wait for you But is waiting really what i want to do. I mean waiting for you would allow us to grow more and be more understanding of one another, But waiting could also lead you to another women.
Who am I? Am I another cover of a magazine? Am I an enlarged and edited pristine figurine Waiting to be picked up off a shelf? Will I reduce myself to being fueled by the greedy views of bigtime CEOs
They call it connected generation They say we are together, but we're not The world is filled with anticipation We need to focus less on what we've bought
Let's make this blunt like some marijuana. People never understand my mental process. How can someone so young have thoughts like these running through heir mind? Youth like me.
I knew that when the going gets tough most of the tough gets going you see they're robbin' us  leavin' us with broken promises  lying to U.S. open your eyes they're not trying to liven us  it's so unjust 
Those who said that teenage years would be memorable didnt think for those who cant even be happy anymore.  They didnt think about the new generation . 
the words in my head have taken on a new voice.
No Reason  i never thought life would come to this, people judging stabbing other people in the back with no reason
Its Insanity out there, in the world, in this society we know, we love, we created. That we allow ourselves to be hated, by each other by others by something we created.
A rectangular object that fits into my hand, An object which contains information from all around the world
Take off the filters and remove the blindfold, Enter this world as you are, Not as you are told- That you should be. Because that is not you, It is not her, it is not him, it is not me.  
Cracked, weathered, pig-skinned tools affectionately craft softest, supple, virgin-hands of suede.   Desert: my mountains, sky scrapers: your zenith. Let innocence climb high,
The camera can show so much, but not enough. A filter can change your preception,  and give you the wrong attention.  The way we perceive ourselves, is different from everyone else. 
Hidden faces, secret thoughts, and unseen emotions Building a superficial wall of counterfeit endeavors Masking internal desires and devotions Disguising each fault from past friends and lovers
You are just another face. You are a statistic. A number that can be manipulated. You are a small piece of a chart, Put into a section, By someone who doesn’t know your story,
Our generation will be known for nohing. Never will anybody say, We were the peak of mankind
this  generation really has me loosing patience. I dont know how there gonna make it. Always counting on phones , what if one day phones turn into drones and take over the world .
This generation-we're underestimated. We sit, watch, take in, tweet, gram, filter, like, endlessly, uselessly! Endlessly the underestimate us, call us useless. But are they right? Should we be underestimated?  
We were promised gold You ruined it on yourselves Now we fight for fame
My Generation  Oh my sweet generation      What has become of us SHALLOW SOULS  Unconsciously submerging ourselves into this deep hole A hole called society
You would think your words are enough to communicate Electric flow through those lines should be of high rate
Young ladies too young to know what real love is. Too young to be dropping out of school. Popping out 3 or 4 babies at a time, spreading your legs for anything that walks by. Do you have any respect for yourself?
Originality is dead Our generation has conformed to the regularities of its society
Chemical reactions determine how I shape my words on this page. Internal flickers and quarks determine how many times I blink while processing my thoughts.
I'm looking around  I see the world is a wreck Nobody wants to work  They want that welfare check Wondering why their kids don't  Have any respect 
Dying hair and painting nails; Makeup, shoes, and clothes for sale; It's all that we ever think about; Stuck in our generation; You can't blame us, but if you must; Blame yourselfs.
Y generation are you really proud? Our principles and priorities do nothing but bring us down. We constantly talk about getting respect yet we don't even respect ourselves. Turn on the tv or unlock your phone and what do you see?
Listen to me!I need to be heard!My mind is a notebook and for nineteen years I’ve been writing,scribbling away, but no one will take the time to read!  
This generation, it was never meant to beCant you see?You raised us, yet you blame usCan't you see...It's not the internet, not the gays, not the liberalsIt's about those who came before we
Still like water, in the shade of palms Beneath the arms, of a desert sun This soul is calm, with the frequencies Of the cosmos, flowing through me Blue sky across rough horizon Endless are these dry oceans
BAD?   Girls this generation call their selves "Bad". What is the real defintion of "Bad"? Is it your greatest imagination of perfectioness in physicality and mentality?
We need to grasp our Childish hearts. We grew up too soon, Too fast.  
A child goes out to play And stops to think about the day He doesn’t really see The effects of the rain
I sigh at our generation, They lose sight at their whole person, They look to stars and useless charts,
Ever feel like you were born in the wrong time?In a time where no one really thinks,and at every corner there comes a new crimeshouldn't it be time we worked out all of the kinks?Girls are getting pregnant
The dude on the news going on about all the world but we do not really care its all about "me me me" when kids in schools cant believe in themselves  creating all the heartless hate 
The innocence of our generation is gone, long gone, It has disappeared, nowhere to be found, Society and its children has become corrupted, Corrupted with sex, drugs, and STDS,
  Clickity-clack The hands do smack Over keyboards of our Macs Tweeting our bros back.   Shorts up ya butt. Praised is the slut. The preppies want the purebreds,
Everywhere we go Everywhere we see. Technology here, technology there. Most of us see it, certain others don’t. Some may ask what is an app? What is Facebook? Is it all good on that?
If I could change anything about the world I would change the media
Our generation
I watch us all Live our lives in self-enclosed bubbles We cry out "Me me me!"    Selfies, Selfish, 
A world with no style would be astronomical With no one caring what you wear But life in this generation is just too different It's not about what you like to wear
Having a smile On your face Just goes to show How you are sweet Being your friend Till the end has been great I'm saying bye I hope you see How much you have meant to me
Has love just faded from the world? With illusions so strong our hearts became jaded. Or is it that this generation has never really known love?
So because my skin tree tones, my thighs are thick and my hair doesn’t reach the floor I’m not acceptable, this is my generation. Were your shoes has to be worth more than your rent and your clothes has to match your shoes or you define as poor.
This is the generation of do anything to get a like, follow, or retweet on Twitter, the spiteful generation who have become so bitter; the generation of technology and progression, the generation who won't sit down an
There are only some who matter In this endless generation we have here Ideas trashed, intelligence scattered I look ahead, little hope, mostly fear   Roger Daltrey, you're who I agree with
this generation teens will only know the bullying, the hatred, your feelings get blown teachers give us a break you're the first thing to make us ache the future holds what we make of it
It's been going on for too long. They say Rachel has the potential. POTENTIAL POTENTIAL POTENTIAL Is all I hear. Rachel is talkative.  Rachel constantly voices her opinions.
Generation Gap   Now I type but then in times Before this our culture used symbols as words. Indus spoke an indecipherable language to us now. To unearth their meaning even so long after
Tell me, is this how we are to live? Where drugs, weapons, and sex hold or generation captive When did education start being a choice instead of a requirement?
What Is this thing we call love? I don’t seem to understand Is love hurting the one person in your life who did everything for you? Or is love getting a girl pregnant & leaving her?
We question the gifts that we are given not realizing the lives that are taken because of our greed and the seeds that we plant in the minds of our seeds and the hearts of our souls. Who are we to question Gods plan?
  I weep for my generation From the darkness they emerged   High hopes and joyful sighs As we listen to their first cries Envisioning the future potential of such a small entity
My Generation is  full of cruel jokes, vulgar photos and lost youth. People who act as if they’ve been raised with the least bit of couth.I have proof.
Verses of our time, this life is hectic. This generations tough, no need to disrespect it. So many wars going on, in and out of our country. Can we just increase the peace show of hands, who agrees?
To my anonymous adolescent, I’m sorry. Sorry for suppressing your existence and never giving you the chance to clock in and serve your time here on this earth.
I saw the SHALLOW SOULS of my generation induced by the spirited connection of NEGATIVITY’S SPELL Being judgmental on a person’s looks Doing nothing but mope about being a nobody
I left the birthing house a while ago. A haven of mournful mothers and cries of new breaths pierced the air— absent the slap of fathers.  
Johnny T. loves Lucy C. Her 'About Me' on Facebook has his head spinning Despite their corresponding class schedules They have never had a conversation Outside of the comfort of cyberspace
Our poor forsaken generation Focus...focus....focus Man if I don't blow this it's like I can't focus Feeling like I'm choking....but I know if I'm not blowing this
Useless vocabulary Silly tone for the future generation Is this what we were suppose to be preparing for? Lost lives, bad causes, pointless views
they say what they want things they don't know the taunters, the miss guided, the ill advised the mean hearted and dim lighted they lie, they curse slut bitch run, hide
A Counsel Averting the Burning of Our World By R. M. Otto
I sit and watch at this chaos around Not being able to make a sound We can say the world is coming to its end How in God’s name will be defend So many kills and meanless deaths So many drugs, like crystal meth
And let everyone know now that these words from my heart were meant to sink into the souls of individuals because God did a meritorious job when he created me.
Verses of our time, life is hectic, This generation's tough, don't disrespect it. We got wars going on, in and out of the country, Can we increase the peace? show of hands, you agree?
killing us off like worthless flies citizens not, it was all just lies and we cry out salty tears to hide, cowards, from our fears lost all morals and ethics and trust
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