Our Differences

Our Differences


Hold your tongue tightly

It is vile and inconsiderate

Speaking pompous things to

Put your generation above me


And I say to you, silence

Our lives are not the same

I beg you to step down from

Your throne and walk


Ignorant claims you speak:

My life is simple without

A problem that mattered,

I am a pest who sleeps.


You didn’t school with monsters

With painted plastered smiles

and evil typing fingers

with tongues a different vile


You might have punched the kid

But we can’t risk our record

Relying on the blind adults

That don’t solve the problem


We are dying off far quicker

Begging for some help

And all we receive are sneers

Because we are a helpless generation


We are forced to imprison ourselves

A debtor’s prison to have the

Possibility of not living a dead life

We are drowning in those chains


But there are more chains

Success is a fine print of

Activity and generosity

Sacrificing everything


There is no sleep

But pencils and misery

And no breathing

Just begging for an ending


For you, there was no fear in

The teenager who sits alone

You may have jested about

Such a kid, but we don’t trespass


We are terrified of the lonely

For it is the lonely that snap

It is the lonely that live regretless

With a gun in their hand


And we are a very lonely generation


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Our world


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