My Generation



I Live in a generation, where anger is all you Got 
waking up to a late night shot 
where Love never Existed 
and Visions of the past haunt you down
where offers of drugs never get resisted
waking up to a late night frown 

I Live in a generations 
where the only thing you can love is a gun
where blood is the color you love to see
and killing each other is fun 
a home where happiness can never be
&& The word " WE “
you can never believe 

Where Males aren’t Afraid to bleed
Taking in bullets like 1 , 2 , 3  


Welcome to my generation


I Live in a Generation 
where Mama a Crack Hoe 
and Fathers they don’t know 
where girls no older than TEN 
busting down for grown as MEN
where all teens walk around with scars

Cause violence is their answer  

I Live in A Generation 
where all teens do is smoke WEED
having babies they can’t even FEED



Welcome to my generation

I Live in a Generation 
where there Can’t be no LOVE without Sex
Girls bodies have no RESPECT 
Boys having them go home with hickey on their Neck
she's Pregnant he scream i REJECT 

Welcome to my generation

I live in a Generation it’s all about shoes game

If you don’t have the new Jordan

You are consider lame

HIV tests are Positive

Your test scores are negative

We’re all being defined by our skin color 

Black are Ghetto White Are Spoiled 


Welcome to my generation


I live in a generation where

We have lost sight of the things that are truly important

A generation that follow trends to try and satisfy their needs but not to feed insecure

I live in a generation where the kids are always getting lecture but have no direction where parents not around when you need them, where they have no footsteps that will lead them to a better future because their idols don’t speak so they admire those that are getting locked up, selling white rocks, or smoking weed and the street is where they go to find peace

Welcome to my generation


I live in a generation where everyone wants to be down or in a gang where everyone wants to turn up till the trigger gets pulled and the bullet hits till their love ones are six feet under and the pain hit and then the society gets blame?


Welcome to my generation


I live in a generation where they always ask “TURN DOWN FOR WHAT”

A generation that needs to turn down causes the street life isn’t what you want

It’s the fast life and the fast life is a quicker way to lose your life

Welcome to my generation where we need to turn down for a BETTER LIFE

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This is so deep, but so true. If any one with the right mind would understand and lead.

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