My Generation


So because my skin tree tones, my thighs are thick and my hair doesn’t reach the floor I’m not acceptable, this is my generation. Were your shoes has to be worth more than your rent and your clothes has to match your shoes or you define as poor. If you can’t smoke more than your lungs can handle and can’t drink your life away your not cool. This is my generation, where we have to fight to live and live to fight, disrespecting our elders and staying out is the new cool. My generation where mothers have to raise their kids and grand children at the same time, and everything is just a cover up. This is where I come from, helping others is not acceptable and only thinking about your self is how everyone thinks. Where girls dress half naked and fight with no reason just for some attention. No one is loyal and families are turning their backs on each other.  This is my generation where sex is cheap and love has yet to appear. This is our generation, guns and knives have replaced books and knowledge. Funeral homes are now running on a 24/7 clock and graveyards are full. This is our generation and no one is taking a stand cus fear has taken over. This is our future. We have no future.



"It's so sad but true" is all I can think as I read this piece. Here you have pointed out many things wrong that have gone wrong in our communities and touch on many, and it shows that you are not choosing to ignore it. I would love to see you touch this poem up by changing around the format so it will flow easier and just do a sweep for any mistakes- I caught an easy fix your/you're error in the 4th line, no big deal. This is a great poem on awareness of what is going on in our communities and I would hope to see that many begin to be just as aware- and your poem can help bring about that awareness or at least start the discussion. Thank you for sharing this piece.


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