Howl of Generation Z's Apathy


United States
40° 44' 28.7988" N, 73° 54' 13.1364" W

I saw the SHALLOW SOULS of my generation induced by
the spirited connection of NEGATIVITY’S SPELL
Being judgmental on a person’s looks
Doing nothing but mope about being a nobody

Those who did not follow the in-crowd
Found themselves through the trends
Looking for a more meaningful love of life
The Outcasts
Burning for recognition, attention and love of the masses
By just being themselves

Yet the popular connection to the net in the electrical trends,
who want
a social life
and a internet life
sat up in constant motion of
and Boredom
In the people of darkness, of gray hearts- Filled with resentment
Floated across the social medias
and Settled in Dead Hearts

I am ashamed of my materialistic generation...
We only care about Unresponsive Materials!
"No, I’m not going to put my headphones in my bag....They will break!”
“I love these boots so much that I will die if I don’t have them! ”

Yet we just pass by a lonely moon
without even a silent wonder of
“Why is it lonely?”
Is every person NON-EXISTENT to our hearts if we have no relation or a certain preference?
Why can’t we think about and feel for others around us
just as we do for
LIFELESS objects?!

Yes, there are more headaches and heartaches from worrying about people
But that’s the purpose of life:
To help others
To build as many relationships as we can
To shower our love and care on others unconditionally!

We just need to always forgive but never forget...
As everyone has their own weaknesses, misfortunes and strengths, whether apparent or unknown

With our love and care,
We should be able to help all the shy, reserved and pessimistic people in our generation become
Allowing them to spread their NEW LIVING WINGS!
We should be able to enlighten evil to the pathway of justness!
Yet We are one of judgment, corruption, animosity, selfishness, jealousy, pessimism and non-activity,

Yet I wished for my generation to be sympathetic, empathic, considerate, understanding and universal
To expect friendship and love from anyone and everyone
To look at each other and see in our eyes, DNA, souls, brains and hearts that
We are One...
One of Life
One of Love
One of Hope
One of Faith
One of Harmony!


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